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Next Book

Dear Reader,

I’m beginning to receive inquiries regarding the arrival of my next book. When will it be? That’s a good question.

In addition to being a writer, I’m a teacher. I’ve been told I’m a very good one. “Highly Effective” is what it says on my annual professional performance review. And yet, in pursuit of the Common Core, I have been burdened with an absurd amount of paperwork—paperwork that not only isn’t making my teaching better, but is in fact taking away from the time I used to spend making fun games, visual aids, and manipulatives to provide my students with engaging lessons. (There was a time when students came first; now it’s all about data.) It makes no sense. But I will write, submit, and post what I’m asked to because it’s my job and they do pay me well, for which I am grateful.

As a result, my time is no longer my own. When I’m off, I tend to nod off at the keyboard in a heap of stress-induced exhaustion. Still, I am writing. Charlie, our last Highland Soldier, is on the way. I will keep you posted.