The Lighthouse

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Emily Cruz has come home to Hope Harbor, Maine after a painful divorce. Staying in the family home while her parents RV cross country, she retreats from the harsh world and everyone in it. On her second day home, she goes out for a walk and runs into Wes Taggert, who’s grown even more good-looking since he broke her heart in high school. He’s also grown very aloof, if not rude, as he makes a hasty retreat and drives off in his pickup.

Weston Taggert has come home, leaving behind his Wall Street job and the success he drove himself to attain, and then grew to loathe. Now all he wants is to live life alone with no strings. That’s not going to be easy with Emily Cruz looking all, well, distracting.

When word gets out that the run down lighthouse is slated to be demolished, Emily goes to a community meeting of like-minded locals determined to rescue the historic landmark. She’s barely inside the door, when she bumps into Wes Taggert. Again. She can’t seem to escape the man, or the memories of that one perfect night in the lighthouse the summer before they both went to college and out of each other’s lives.

But the ramshackle Hope Harbor Lighthouse may yet guide two souls safely home, where a second chance at love waits—if they’ll take it.

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