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Draft One is done!

Book Release May 17

Now for a week of self-editing and rewriting, then it’s off for pro editing and proofreading.


A mist-shrouded lighthouse guides two souls home,
where a chance at love waits—if they’ll take it.

When her last living relative dies, Emily Cooke takes a sabbatical leave to take stock of her life. As she moves into her tranquil beachfront rental, her new neighbor rumbles into the driveway next door on his vintage motorcycle—and ignores her neighborly wave.

Wes Taggert left behind a lucrative career that destroyed his faith in humanity. All he wants now is to be left alone, undisturbed. When news spreads that the historic lighthouse is slated to be demolished, Wes goes to a meeting of locals determined to rescue the crumbling landmark. His new neighbor is there. He can’t seem to ignore her.

The Hope Harbor Lighthouse has drawn them together. And it could guide them home, where a chance at love waits—if they’ll take it.

Home Stretch on the WIP

I’m about a week away from finishing the first draft of The Lighthouse, my thirteenth novel. (Some holiday weekend writing will be happening.) Then a bit of rewriting and off for a few rounds of editing. Yay!

I’m fading away from Facebook

This Facebook debacle has pretty much soured me where social media is concerned. I was never a huge fan, since I’m kind of a recluse. I made an effort because I liked being accessible to readers, but this has all been so creepy. I’m still on Facebook for a couple of writers’ groups I really value, but I doubt I’ll be posting much there anymore.