A battlefield vow to look after a dying man’s sister ignites a love that can never be.

Driven out of their Highland croft, Gowan Dunbar’s father dies defending their home. Left with no family or home, Gowan flees to a life as a mercenary soldier. There he makes a battlefield vow to a dying friend. Now he’s come back to Scotland to fulfill it.

Morna Innes has long yearned for the love of a man who is noble and strong, and will give her headstrong spirit free rein. Then a chance encounter with a bold, handsome stranger sets off sparks Morna tries to deny, for she’s promised to another.

When Gowan arrives with sad news of her brother, Morna learns that hearts abide by no rules. Forbidden longing ignites into one secret tryst before they must part forever.

But love is no match for the cruelty of men and fate.