Revisiting the Stone Chambers of Putnam County

Stone Chamber, Putnam County

Today, I’m revisiting the inspiration for my Highland Passage Series of three books with a Scottish time travel theme. I happen to live in an area with a number of mysterious stone chambers. There are two that I know of five minutes from my house. I’ve been intrigued with them since I moved here, but my writer’s imagination was sparked by the suggestion by some that they’re Celtic in origin. So I combined my fascination with the stone chambers, my lifelong love of Scotland, and my interest in time travel. The result was the Highland Passage novels.

Here are some links to articles and websites with information and pictures of some of these mysterious chambers:


The individual Highland Passage novels can be found here:

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The boxed set containing all three books can be found here:

Highland Passage Series
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In the dawn of a revolution, a young woman fights for land, liberty, and the man she loves.

An enigmatic stranger appears on Ana Martin’s Galveston doorstep, summoned by her father before his untimely death. When Ana boards a train bound for her uncle’s vast hacienda, Eduardo is there to see her safely to her new home in the stark desert landscape of northern Mexico.

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‘Ebooks are stupid’, says head of one of world’s biggest publishers | Books | The Guardian

Source: ‘Ebooks are stupid’, says head of one of world’s biggest publishers | Books | The Guardian

My Response:

Back in the before times when ebooks began, I never heard anyone discussing ebooks with an intent to form a new entertainment medium. After all, we had movies and games for a more active or interactive experience. Ebooks were conceived as a way to meet reader and author needs by facilitating the process of publishing and reading. While there have been efforts to add multimedia aspects to ebooks, some readers have found this distracting. At the risk of stating the obvious, most readers are drawn to books over other entertainment media because they simply want to read words.

People love to read books. Ebook readers love the portability of having those books in a device—often their phone—which they can carry anywhere. Ebooks don’t waste paper. Ebooks are more accessible to readers with vision or processing issues by enabling them to read at whatever size or font they’re most comfortable with, or even to have books read to them. Ebook stores have unlimited shelf space, so readers can find the exact book they might want in an instant without having to go to a physical bookstore and special order it. And, while it can be a two-edged sword, there are more of them. This has opened the floodgates of creativity and its distribution, shifting the power of curating reading choices from publishers to readers. In this new, free marketplace, readers no longer have to feel like they’ve gone to a restaurant to make a meal of what someone else ordered for them. This must be disconcerting for publishers.

18th Century inn abandoned during Clearances is unearthed – The Scotsman

I feel a time travel trip coming on.  😉

The Wilkhouse inn as depicted in John Kirk’s 1772 map of the old Kintradwell Estate, Sutherland. PIC: Map courtesy of National Library of Scotland. Read more at:

Drone footage of the site of the old Wilkhouse inn near Brora, Sutherland. PIC: Courtesy of George Gunn. Read more at:

The hearth which contained the ashes of the last fire lit at the old inn around 200 years ago. PIC: Contributed. Read more at:

Source: 18th Century inn abandoned during Clearances is unearthed – The Scotsman


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