Month: October 2011

School district will explore eBooks for students I’m sure they’ll be reading the textbooks at all times. Read More Oh, can he sing! But don’t take my word for it. (Mariusz Kwiecien and Anna Netrebko in Lucia at the Met) (Source: Read More

Elderly people ‘read iPads three times faster than books’ So if you were wondering what to get Grandma… …old people read even faster using the iPad as it made reading easier than the “real” book. The iPad’s screen was found to help them process the information on the page… Elderly people ‘read iPads three times Read More

Ebooks or Printed Books: Which Are Better for You? Ever wonder which method of reading is better for you — electronic screen or printed text? The answer: There is no difference. “There are no disadvantages to reading from electronic reading devices compared with reading printed texts,” according to a study… Read More Oh, Jimmy Smits. How I like to look at you when you look at her when she looks at you. (Source: Read More

If Pancho Villa were hot… (Source: Read More

Antonio Gómez R., Soldaderas [Soldier Girls], 1940. Pysa-Lito-Leosa. Exclusive calendar, rifle advertising (probably Carabina 30-30). Soldaderas were women who fought in the Mexican Revolution, like the title character of my novel, Ana Martin. Read More

President Obama Has Written Personal Checks to Letter-Writers In Need Dear Mr. President, Sales have been a tad slow for my books this week… Love, J.L. Read More

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