Month: November 2011

Latin American writers endured tough times As a novelist and memoirist, Isabel Allende, the famous contemporary Latin American, narrates the political history of the contemporary world under the cover of fiction. She writes stories of passion and romance. “Her novels and memoirs tells the stories of women and men who live with passionate commitment – Read More

Jonas Kaufmann | The Smoldering Tenor Whatever their source, good looks can take a musician only so far, Mr. Kaufmann insists. “Even though beauty could help a career, it can never be something a career is based on,” he said. “Beauty goes by faster than you know, so if your qualities in singing and acting Read More

Charlotte Bronte fan spends life dressed as Victorian heroine Well, I love the Brontes, but… Lyn-Marie Cunliffe, 49, loves 19th century author Charlotte Bronte so much she dresses as the famous author all the time – even while doing her supermarket shopping. The mum-of-two dresses in the home-made smocks whilst doing the school run – Read More

Daniel Craig thinks Kardashians behave like ‘idiots’ Yet another reason why I love Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig thinks the Kardashians behave like “f**king idiots”. The James Bond actor explained while he doesn’t “judge” the reality TV family – whose most famous member is Kim – and acknowledges that they have made “millions” through their show Read More

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson I don’t usually read YA (mainly because I’m an OA), but my daughter ordered this for a presentation she’s doing in library school (well, technically, it’s called “information studies”, and she’s getting a master’s this weekend under the If You Can’t Get a Job, Get Another Degree Read More

10 Themes Shared By Historical Fiction and Science Fiction Why, yes! Now that you mention it, we DO have lots in common where it really counts! Read More

Love, betrayal and courage: Private letters reveal the story behind the mastermind of The Great Escape Roger Bushell Anyone who knows me will tell you that possibly my favorite story of all time (in both book and film) is The Great Escape. I first read the book as a child at my grandparents’ home, and Read More

Nora Roberts: The woman who rewrote the rules of romantic fiction | Books | The Observer I like the way she thinks! Later, at the bookshop in Boonsboro, the small town in rural Maryland where she lives, she’s doing a signing and answering questions and is equally phlegmatic. What does she find helps keep her Read More

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