Month: June 2012

Your E-Book Is Reading You – Illustration by John Cuneo The perfect man, according to data collected by digital publisher Coliloquy from romance-novel readers, has a European accent and is in his 30s with black hair and green eyes. Read More

I’m Farming and I Grow It (by ThePetersonFarmBros) (Source: Read More

sleeping-belle: I was made for times long past, for castles and dragons and knights in shining armor. Read More

valscrapbook: THE VIOLENCE OF THE LAMBS by kenny barker on Flickr. Read More

Nice. myjaneaustenbookclub: Read More

I’m in discussions with the husband about why I would wish to go to Scotland for the third time in four years. (I got a fantastic deal to Ireland last year, so I skipped a year. It worked out beautifully: we got to visit all of the locations for films set in Scotland.) I mean, Read More

I love this cover! So I bought the book. I’m just that shallow. (And the blurb and sample looked good.) Read More

merverb: fer1972: Conceptual Illustrtions by Tim O’Brien 1. Realism 2. Ship World who else saw the first pic and thought of Narnia – the Dawn Treader (it’s my favorite Narnia book and I still haven’t seen the movie btw i dunno why) Read More

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