Month: October 2012

‘How the French Invented Love’ – SFGate How the French Invented Love Nine Hundred Years of Passion and Romance By Marilyn Yalom (Harper Perennial; 400 pages; $15.99) Americans are endlessly intrigued by the French: How do they stay so thin? Why do their children devour cassoulet and green beans without complaining? And how do they pull off all Read More

Daniel Day-Lewis: How the Greatest Living Actor Became Lincoln | I think that was a typo. She must have meant hottest living actor. (If you don’t get this, go watch Last of the Mohicans). Read More

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The camera operator and I are all clearly in it for the knightly banter and pathos.  😉 frecklicious: Shirtless Merlin knights Tom Hopper, Eoin Macken & Rupert Young (by digitalspy) In case you needed another reason to watch Merlin 🙂 (Source: Read More

Self Publishing: Second Class No More? By Terri Giuliano Long for Not too long ago, traditional publishers held all the cards. If publishing houses rejected a book, its author had two choices: self-publish and bear the stigma, or put the manuscript in a drawer, forfeiting years of hard work, all the while hoping the Read More

(via Why red-faced men turn a woman’s head: Girls can’t resist a healthy glow like Prince Harry’s, say scientists | Mail Online) Tall, dark, handsome and… red faced. Men with ruddy complexions, like Prince Harry, are irresistibly attractive to women. Rather than pale and interesting, they prefer their chaps to be rosy and glowing, research Read More

Merlin: Full Length New Series Trailer Autumn 2012 – Series 5 – BBC One (by BBC) Saturday, October 6th! (Source: Read More

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