Month: May 2013

Rob LaZebnik’s Message for the Class of 2013 | Saturday Essay – I hope I’m the first one to tumble this.  😉 A Message for the Class of 2013 Dear Graduates: You’re pampered, privileged and oversexed—but at least your employment prospects are dim. …Idea three: Constantly monitor news sites for breaking stories and then Read More

eloisajames: This is a story about a very curvy heroine, so think of the skinny heroine above (the novel’s stepback) as a publisher commentary on what they think readers want. *applause* Read More

You can’t sawzall an ebook. (via Multi-Book Secret Storage Compartment) Read More Okay. Got it. I haven’t actually heard anyone argue that print books will not continue to have a place in our lives. But the very fact that so many from the traditional publishing sector feel the need to reiterate these talking points argues against the very point that they’re trying to make. (via BEA Read More

Mass Romance Novel Publisher Going All In On E-Books | Wired Business | E-books are becoming more popular by the minute thanks to devices like the Kindle, Nook, and iPad, but major dead tree publishers have been hesitant to go all in—until now. Dorchester Publishing, which describes itself as the “oldest independent mass market Read More

Free eBook. Ana Martin: J.L. Jarvis: Kindle Store Read More

(via ‘Man of Steel,’ Directed by Zack Snyder – Read More

An error in the headstone of British novelist and poet, Anne Bronte’s, grave has finally been corrected after 164 years of her passing. Bronte who is credited with two novels, Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, died on 28 May, 1849 in Scarborough, after battling pulmonary tuberculosis. She was 29. But the headstone Read More

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