Month: April 2014

I really try to keep my writing separate from my music teaching career, but this is appalling. Via: The Washington Post, By Valerie Strauss, April 26 at 11:59 am An annual year-end kindergarten show has been canceled at a New York school because the kids have to keep working so they will be “college and career” Read More

What I’m writing to today. Get your french horn fix here. Read More

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I’m especially interested, since this takes place during the same period as my Highland Soldiers series. Read More

Gabriel García Márquez, Novelist and Exponent of Magic Realism Credit Miguel Tovar/Associated Press Gabriel García Márquez, the Colombian novelist whose “One Hundred Years of Solitude” established him as a giant of 20th-century literature, died on Thursday at his home in Mexico City. He was 87. Full Story: NY Times Read More

From Will Printed Books Disappear? Stephen King On The Future Of The Traditional Paper Book By Jonathan Gunson April 10th 2014 Read More

It’s 11:40 pm on April 15th, and I just looked out the window. It’s snowing! On the plus side, at least this post is not about opera. And God forbid I ever post anything about my actual books. That would be crazy. But, seriously: snow? It was not a dream.     Read More

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