Month: June 2014

Scottish word of the week: Sprunt – The Scotsman. SPRUNT is a Victorian-era Scots word that originates from the Roxburgh region. Much as the Cromarty dialect is rich with nouns and verbs of the region’s historic fishing, so the Scottish Borders’ own dialects are redolent of the area’s farming communities. The extinction of spurt is sad in Read More

STIRLING is gearing up for thousands of visitors as it prepares to host a weekend of piping, parades, the Red Arrows and the 700th anniversary of one of Scotland’s most famous historic battles. via The Scotsman Read More

After an £8 million restoration, the code-breaking site of Bletchley Park is ready for a flood of visitors – starting with the Duchess of Cambridge “You would never guess that this small country estate housed thousands of wartime staff and the brains that broke, among many other things, the Enigma codes” Photo: JOHN LAWRENCE By Sophie Campbell 9:31AM Read More

Every time I go to Scotland, I want to take the Caledonian Sleeper, but don’t for one reason or another. These plans for upgrading sound irresistible, though. Across Europe, sleeper trains seem more and more of a quaint anachronism, but the UK is overhauling an old and famous overnight route, writes Adrian Quine. The overnight sleepers Read More

Cover artist/designer Ravven has made two beautiful covers for my Scottish historical romances. Read More

I love this idea so much that I’ve just made a donation. It’s a simple way to bring a small bit of joy to some children who deserve a larger measure of happiness in their lives. Read more about it here:   Read More

Read More

THIS MOMENT A Short Story by J.L. Jarvis Stranded during a snowstorm, Mackenzie finds shelter with a Highland warrior misplaced by time. Click here to read a free special edition. Read More

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