Month: August 2014

People make subtle changes in the way they speak when they talk to someone they find attractive Researchers found voice modulations make speaker attractive to listener Men were found to vary tone in a ‘sing-song voice’ like actor Leslie Phillips’ Men reached lower minimum voice pitch speaking to ‘less attractive’ women By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 19:24 Read More

Gretna Green: The bit of Scotland where English people go to get married By Esther WebberBBC News Gretna Green has been a hotspot for tying the knot since the 18th Century. But why do people still choose to walk down its many aisles? The Scottish village of Gretna Green – population 2,700 – hosts almost Read More

FUN FACT: The doorknob was not invented until 1878, when Osbourn Dorsey filed a patent for a “Door Holding Device.” Read More

Downton Abbey promotional picture for fifth series, with modern bottle of water on mantelpiece. Photograph: @downtonabbey/PA A promotional picture for the new series of Downton Abbey caused an online sensation when a sharp-eyed fan of the show noticed the very modern bottle of water on the mantelpiece behind Hugh Bonneville and Laura Carmichael. Downton Abbey in hot Read More

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Author’s Note to Highland Passage. If your copy does not have this, you should be able to download an updated edition from Amazon, or you can just read it here: Author’s Note The Stone Chambers of Putnam County, NY: I have often driven by these stone chambers and wondered about them. While there is information available, much Read More

My niece, Melissa, accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge. Read More

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