Month: May 2015

(via Mary of Scotland: Katharine Hepburn in Tudor romance with inaccurate kilts | Film | The Guardian) Yeah, the kilts are totally wrong, but that Fredric March had some swagger. Read More

After going to see Doctor Zhivago on Broadway (breaking with lifelong tradition of balalaika-free Mother’s Day weekends), I returned home to find Highland Soldiers 1: The Enemy at #1 for free Scottish historical romances and #107 in storewide free books.   Read More

“Paradoxes are yet another reason for why time travel seems like science fiction and is easily dismissed as a real possibility by most people. However, there is a work around to this and it involves parallel universes and alternate timelines. Specifically, some theoreticians speculate that if you could indeed manage to time travel you would Read More

The Highland Passage stone chamber. A few years ago, I was able to walk inside this stone chamber, but it has since caved in. (The third photo has been brightened to show the interior.) Read More

This is the actual stone chamber I had in mind when I wrote Knight Errant. KNIGHT ERRANT A Highland Passage Novel June 2015 Read More