Cover: Allison's Pine Harbor Summer



At a wedding reception, Allison excuses herself for a quick trip to the restroom—the wrong one, unfortunately. In her hasty retreat, she fields some unwanted small talk then flees to the lobby in search of a quiet corner to regain her composure. By the fireplace, she spies a high-backed chair perfect for hiding.

So perfect for hiding that, as she sinks into it with a sigh, the matching chair beside hers swivels around to reveal Urinal Guy, who, no doubt, has come here to hide from Bathroom Door Girl. After a shared moment of shock, an unexpected thing happens. They talk. Easily. As if they weren’t bathroom buddies at all, but just regular people.

Which is how her sort-of boyfriend Justin finds her—laughing and drinking champagne with Theo. (Turns out Urinal Guy has a name—and champagne.) After a quick introduction, Justin leads her back to the reception, where he drops to one knee and proposes.

Time stops. Justin waits for an answer, and Allie can’t breathe. In a room full of friends, who would whip out a phone and record the uncomfortable moment? Someone does, and her answer goes viral.

In the small coastal town of Pine Harbor, Allison’s summer is only beginning.