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17th-Century Houseguests Slaughtered Hosts, and Archaeologists Are Investigating

Source: 17th-Century Houseguests Slaughtered Hosts, and Archaeologists Are Investigating Read More

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Via The Scotsman: EDINBURGH is a city of contrasts and differences, and that extends to the dialect of its residents. Just as the Old and New Towns radically differ in style, so do the accents and vocabularies of the city’s residents. In upper-crust areas such as Stockbridge and Morningside, residents pride themselves on their flawless Read More

It might be thought that when Thomas Hardy stepped aside from his narrative in Jude The Obscure to describe Shaston, or Shaftesbury, “on the summit of a steep and imposing scarp, rising … out of the deep alluvial vale of Blackmoor” as “one of the queerest and quaintest spots in England”, he was being unduly fanciful. But Read More

The Highland Passage stone chamber. A few years ago, I was able to walk inside this stone chamber, but it has since caved in. (The third photo has been brightened to show the interior.) Read More

This is the actual stone chamber I had in mind when I wrote Knight Errant. KNIGHT ERRANT A Highland Passage Novel June 2015 Read More

Hmm…So John Knox had some issues. Before John Knox returned home from exile to become a hero of the Scottish Reformation, he penned a shocking polemic against women in roles of authority: The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women. The diatribe, which he planned to follow with a second and third Read More

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