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In April, a pipe burst and flooded more than half of our house. I am thrilled to say that (much as I love our contractor and his crew) the last worker left this afternoon, and the work is done! It will be a bit easier to write without the sweet sounds of nail guns and wet saws—not to mention Read More

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How a group of Green Bay players fell head over heels with a genre of movies not commonly associated with the ultra-macho NFL Read more. Read More

Fun Fact: Jax Turyna, interviewed below, is on the cover of Highland Soldiers 3: The Return. Via Chicago Tribune, Jeremy Mikula, Contact Reporter Read More

I think we have different ideas of what outrageous is, but this was a fun interview with Kate Winslet, whom I love. ‘I always do sex scenes properly’ Kate Winslett’s most outrageous interview KATE WINSLETT lets loose as she talks about using mud to disguise her ever-increasing boobs in her latest film A Little Chaos Read More

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