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From punks and Mod clashes to petrol-bombs at Toxteth riots | Daily Mail Online

Source: From punks and Mod clashes to petrol-bombs at Toxteth riots | Daily Mail Online Read More

How Highlanders Came to Wear Kilts

Kilts are traditional garb from Scotland, right? Well, that’s not quite the whole story. In an article from 1858, William Pinkerton noted that ancient Highlanders and Irishmen, both Celts, generally went bare-legged and wore a long, baggy shirt dyed yellow with autumnal saffron. Over this, they wore an untailored woollen cloth which also served as a sleeping Read More

Scottish playground games of the 20th century – The Scotsman Read More

(via Remembering: The Scottish victory at the Battle of Roslin – The Scotsman) Read More

Bones found at prison may belong to real-life Tess of the d’Urbervilles Archaeologists’ discovery could be remains of Martha Brown, whose public hanging in 1856 was watched by Thomas Hardy THEGUARDIAN.COM|BY STEVEN MORRIS SaveSave Read More

I love Welsh mining stories. (I’ve watched How Green was my Valley a few too many times.) (via A grandmother’s story about Cardiff’s mining disaster is being made into a film – and Catherine Zeta Jones has been approached to star in it – Wales Online) Read More

I love this. (And how adorable are these children?!) How appropriate their response is, as well, to take advantage of this as a learning experience. In the U.S., our children are completely losing touch with history, thanks to the Common Core, which has effectively cut history in favor of teaching only ELA and Math, with other subjects (in theory but not Read More

It might be thought that when Thomas Hardy stepped aside from his narrative in Jude The Obscure to describe Shaston, or Shaftesbury, “on the summit of a steep and imposing scarp, rising … out of the deep alluvial vale of Blackmoor” as “one of the queerest and quaintest spots in England”, he was being unduly fanciful. But Read More

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