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Every thousand words, I take a break and watch something. Today, I’m watching You’ve Got Mail. (The first time I saw it was in the theater where Meg Ryan and Greg Kinnear go to the movies in the film.) I did not remember how sad this movie is! Even the happy ending is sad! I Read More

Grammar expert Benjamin Dreyer lists three rules you can ignore — Quartz

It still pains me to split an infinitive, but I’m working on it. Source: Grammar expert Benjamin Dreyer lists three rules you can ignore — Quartz Read More

The Christmas Castle: What People Are Saying

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I can sit for hours—days—in slothful stillness, but give me a looming deadline and I will get on that damn treadmill! Read More

It’s good weather for writing.

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Coming Next: Lost Bride (A Highland Passage Novel)

                     His future is her past, and their love is lost somewhere in between. Lucy Buchanan has been jilted. When her groom arrives at the altar and announces the wedding is canceled, she flees into the woods. (It was either that or the Hudson River.) Hearing well-meaning but unhelpful bridesmaids Read More

As of June 23, I will be retired from teaching, and writing full-time! After a couple of weeks of detox from job stress, and a celebratory trip to Scotland, I’ll return to begin the next chapter with some exciting and ambitious, but doable, plans for a number of books I’ll be completing over the next Read More

And this book was made in Scotland! Read More

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