The Winter Lodge

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They let go of their dreams, but their hearts never let go of love.

When Piper Harriman got engaged fresh out of high school, her father gave her a choice—if she married her unsuitable fiancé, Juan Calderon, her family wouldn’t pay for college. So she went off to college and left Juan behind, hoping he would wait. His idealistic heart was broken, and he said goodbye. But her love for him refused to fade.
Eight years later, alone and laid off, Piper is moving back home. With her snowbird parents’ house leased out for the winter, Piper is content with their small rental lodge—until the tenant next door turns out to be the lost love of her life. As handsome as ever, Juan’s success has proven her father’s predictions wrong.
For Piper, it’s time to face facts. Juan has moved on, and he deserves to be happy. Logic tells her it’s time to let go, but when those dark eyes search hers, her heart knows there may still be a chance.

Editorial Review: “The Winter Lodge finds Piper Harriman moving back to her small hometown after losing her job. She soon discovers her new neighbor is her first love, the young man she abandoned so she could pursue dreams that haven’t quite worked out the way she’d planned. This heartfelt and well-told contemporary romance deftly delves into issues of cultural and economic bias and expertly navigates the emotionally charged terrain of second-chance love.” DeAnna M., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing

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